Property Week Winner 2020 Developer of the Year

I have joined Alumno from a design and project management focussed background which led me from my beginnings in Germany, where I studied Architecture and worked on my first projects in Berlin to more recent projects in the UK. My involvement covered inception, design, procurement and construction stages of residential, student housing, commercial, refurbishment and mixed uses schemes of various scale.

In tandem with my design-led experiences as a lead consultant on various building projects I grew keen to explore value creation, business strategies in conjunction with sustainable aims or limitations. As a consequence I undertook a Master’s in International Business and Development at Birkbeck University of London which broadened my perspective on the business sector in general, stakeholder management and marketing & business strategies.

This somewhat complemented many of the responsibilities I had, for instance finding creative solutions to project specific problems often involving regulatory challenges or commercial assessments and strategic planning.

Apart from making most of my experiences to help creating new, distinctive and inspiring student homes, in my spare time I am continuing to discover London and surrounds. I also enjoy a good film or documentary and would love to travel much more and yes, I am still interested in excellent architecture, interior design and graphic design.