Property Week Winner 2020 Developer of the Year

Park Hill Poetry and Font Launch

The spirit of Park Hill is captured in a poem written by Sheffield Poet Laureate Otis Mensah that will be on permanent display at Béton House as part of new public artworks. His contemporary poem is an ode to the building and a tribute to the communities that have been part of its history.


The poem was launched on 3 December in our show flat on site at Béton House it demonstrates how we have configured the building into unique townhouses providing a new living experience for students in Sheffield.

Park Hill is unique and to celebrate this Alumno has also commissioned a new personalised font that will be available to the public, which draws on the Instantly recognisable structure and layout of the building.

We were delighted to host a special performance by Otis of the poem and his other works at our Park Hill Shop and there will be many other events and activities to follow in the coming months.”

Otis Mensah poem below : 

“We were never derelict”


 Pockets of people’s stories

cradled by brick and mortar

amidst the rubble and murmur

living catalysts of love


Paint gallons of life on dreary

dance over mundane & void

solitude birthed a smile

that sought community & good


Build towers of noise aside us

such transience won’t quake

a spirit, not stone cemented

but blood & flesh & faith


We were never derelict

just displaced and out of sight

carrying home inside us

when home they tried to break.