Property Week Winner 2020 Developer of the Year

Thorough planning and consultation

The secret to our continued evolution and growth has been thorough planning and consultation. Working as closely as possible with everyone involved in a project, from students to our selected contractors. For more insight into our collaboration with various colleges including Chelsea College of Art and Birmingham City University please read our interviews with staff and photos of work created by students following discussions with our architects.

We enjoy working with students and making the whole experience rewarding for all parties. One final year student on the FdA Interior Design Course had the following to say after winning a commendation and prize from the Alumno Team…

“Thank you so much, I am sure we’ll have the best of times on our trip to the Shard. We’ll send you photos. Winning the contest was one of the proudest moments of our student life”

We forge strong relationships and partnerships that ensure a deep-rooted understanding of each proposal’s specific requirements and a long term commitment. This lays the foundations to address and meet every project’s objective, from future demand to operational needs, resulting in the delivery of high-specification and modern facilities.

Creative and innovative solutions

We strive to create accommodation that is both affordable and of a high quality, as well as ensuring that everything we do is sustainable. We have also further extended our strategy and approach to include mixed-use developments, where we are providing studio spaces for graduates and artists that help with the next steps after university or college. We are pleased to be working with several innovative partners in this regard. We also enjoy supporting graduates by purchasing and displaying their artworks in their local accommodation. Lorie Ballage who graduated in 2015 will have her work displayed at the East Shore scheme in St Andrews, she said…”As an emerging artist, we all start from scratch but nothing is more valuable than knowing that our work can touch people. To display and have works purchased is a great chance, it encourages me and can only persuade me to keep going with all my might.”

Prior to our education work, we delivered numerous projects within specialist areas of healthcare, reflecting the broad experience of the Alumno team, which spans more than 20 years in both the public and private sectors.

We constantly look forward and to continue to work with our partners to create the ultimate in desirable and stimulating living environments.