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Norfolk & Norwich Festival Does Radio Local

As one of the proud sponsors of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival we are very happy to help them promote the Norfolk & Norwich Festival does Radio Local during the lockdown. A hyper local radio show made with and for the wonderful people of Norfolk.

Deadpan duo and Radio Local hosts Hunt & Darton will broadcast a one-hour live show every day for the 17 days of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 8-24 May 2020.

“Streaming live from a Village Hall in Sandon (Darton’s home) and a workshop in Brighton (Hunt’s partner’s carpentry shed!) long live Radio Local as we speak to Festival artists and entertain you with all the usual features of Radio Local re-mastered for an online audience.”

NNFest Does Radio Local

From the charmingly mundane to the quite extraordinary to the borderline ridiculous, Radio Local is a celebration of local radio and community. Broadcasting on Future Radio and online, we are building a show with local people over the phone, via Zoom workshops and through online local networks about the weird and wonderful places they live in and more aptly now – how they are living. Radio local responds to people and place, witnessing this unprecedented time and celebrating people’s boredom. This is a hyper-local broadcast to the world.

NNFest: Radio Local

Norfolk & Norwich Festival does Radio Local will also bring some Festival flair to people’s homes, with NNF20 artists joining Hunt & Darton each day!

Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #NNFdoesRadioLocal @NNFestival @NNFest @huntanddarton @HuntDarton