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National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day and we are celebrating by taking a look back earlier this year when we posted about our favorite poetry commissions, which include:

Otis Mensah & David Campbell

“We Were Never Derelict” By Otis Mensah

Digital Layout of Poem

“The Sisters of The Gated City” By Jenny Pagdin

Pablo Fanque Poem

“Pablo Fanque” By Ira Lightman

Durham Postcard

Ira Lightman’s Welcome Poem for Sheraton Park, Durham

Poetry on benches at St Andrews

Jacob’s Polley’s seaside setting at East Shore in St Andrew’s

Bob and Pip infront of indoor poems

Bob Devereaux & Philip Pip Barlow at The Union in Leamington Spa

Alumno are pleased to support the arts community. Read here to find out more about the day