Property Week Winner 2020 Developer of the Year

Congratulations to Student Competition Finalist, Natasha Rae Audsley for the project – Soup Dragon Kitchen

Our ninth feature finalist is Natasha Rae Audsley. Her photos can be seen below …

Natasha is a Photographic artist from the North of England, whose work explores socially challenging areas of communities that have been over-looked by the unforgiving hands of an austerity driven era.   Natasha engages with the backbone of the small northern town of Hebden Bridge, which is held firmly together by the multi-collaborations that are at work within.

The Soup Dragon Kitchen is the soul of this northern, market, valley town, binding together aid for those who maybe living on the proverbial ‘bread line’. Visitors are a diverse mix of ethnicity and age as Hebden is a town where integration is well received. Natasha captures the union of local community where small subtle acts, make a huge welcoming difference in a political landscape which regularly discourages this.

The work intends to investigate abstract forms of light and how they interact with ordinary events to enrich the mundane and highlight the warmth of the ordinary.

Shedding light on society, where small acts overcome national issues.  With many believing those in need are those at fault in conservative Britain. Natasha’s work seeks to lift the veil on prejudice from those in tricky situations, re-establishing the forgotten values in helping your neighbour, the poor, a homeless person, or other unfortunate stranger.

For more details on how to buy prints or further information on this project: Contact  or follow @floozycheese on instagram.

Local Collaborations; Daniel Peter Syson – Cosmic Jester & Soup Chef (Hebden), Blue Sky Baker (Hebden), Valley Organics Workers Co-op (Hebden), Methodist Church (Hebden)

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