Property Week Winner 2020 Developer of the Year

Congratulations to Student Competition Finalist, Harriet Massey for the project – The Story of Football in Sheffield

Our seventh featured finalist is Harriet Massey. Her photos can be seen below …

As the home of the sport, Sheffield holds a huge sense of community within football throughout the city. With teams passed down through generations of family, travelling the country with best friends, celebrating the highs and lows of a team we follow through anything; no matter whether the blood is red or blue, Sheffield is the birthplace of football and this brings together our city in a way not much else can.

Aged 18 and now in my third year of studying photography; I combined my love of sport and photography straight away, knowing the ultimate goal was to be a sports photographer and began working with Sheffield Wednesday at 16. I soon discovered the action shots weren’t everything and I was being quickly drowned out in this industry by the best photographers getting the best action shots. I wanted to stand out and began to tell the story of a game, I began looking around me. The fans. The people who follow this team every week. And I began to tell a story through them, from my perspective, of the sport that brings a community together. A community that sticks together through anything, celebrating some of the best moments and capturing despair at the worst. Harriet Massey, 1st Year Foundation Degree – The Sheffield College

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