Property Week Winner 2020 Developer of the Year

Congratulations to Student Competition Finalist, Evie Scarborough for the project – Positive Effects of Animals on Human Health

Our Sixth featured finalist is Evie Scarborough. Her photos can be seen below …

Paying close attention to ways in which we can manage our health is vital in our modern world as, often, people can misunderstand the fragility of our well-being, thinking that the solutions are simple, advising each other to “just talk to someone” or “just get out and about”. For some, “just” doing these things can prove difficult alone. Interactions with animals can provide companionship, joy and love to those who struggle to find these things elsewhere. Through these photos, I document the endearing relationships many people have with animals, whatever their species, showing the positive effects they can have on human health. This can vary from relieving stress and anxiety, to giving people a reason to leave the house and get exercise. Through the square crop of each image, I not only ensure all focus is on the relationship being shown, but I am also playing with the idea of “one size fits all” as, although every individual is unique, animals are able to have a positive impact on each and every one of our lives. This is shown through the variety of ages and gender of individuals in the images. Evie Scarborough

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