Property Week Winner 2020 Developer of the Year

Congratulations to Student Competition Finalist, Edward Paxton for the project – Ollie’s

Our fourth featured finalist is Edward Paxton. His photos can be seen below …

Ollie’s is a documentary series that details the lives and relationships found in one of my best friends’ house. It was a special place to all that knew it and was the space where I and my friends spent the majority of our adolescence growing up at. From this an unorthodox family was born, creating a support system between one another that could always be relied upon. Over the years relationships have grown and strengthened, leaving us with the characters shown in the final series. The imagery attempts to present the traditions of life in a family of 4, whilst contrasting against the unusual presence of an abundance of people in the home. The portraits try to describe the stories of the kindred characters I have spent this journey with, revealing the connectivity and relationships between each person involved with the house. The works try to document, not only the mundaneness of times spent there, but also the satisfaction and enjoyment of the simplicity of life. The variety of characters displayed in the series was used to try and communicate a community feel and that everyone was welcomed in this house. It was approached from a naturalistic perspective where I tried to capture the realism of these people’s lives representing them truthfully for who they are. Edward Paxton


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