Property Week Winner 2020 Developer of the Year

Congratulations to Student Competition Finalist, Beth Hatfield-Chetter for the project – Reminiscence of Youth

Our second featured finalist is Beth Hatfield. Her photos can be seen below …

“Community” – ‘the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.’ This definition of community instantly took my direction of thought to my friends, they’re the group of people who I share interests with, they’re the group of girls who I have had the privilege to grow up with for 10 years.

All of us grew up in the countryside of Yorkshire. Therefore, it was only fitting that we were taken back to our youth and I used the exact fields we once would entertain ourselves in, for the location of this shoot.

This photoshoot for me was about reminiscence on our youth and to leave our adulthood worries and stresses for a few moments. It brought back great nostalgia for all of us.

As seen in the images the women are being carefree and child-like which is what I admire the most about the series of images. The images are a small glimpse into our childhood – cheerful and playful.

It was very heartwarming for me to be behind the camera, as I had the opportunity to step back and watch how beautiful it was for my friends to be having fun. None of the images where overly ‘staged’ or ‘posed’, therefore, I produced touching, natural images. Bethany Hatfield-Chetter, Leeds Arts University, BA(hons) Fashion Photography

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