The Shared Space

For all our projects, we look closely at where we feel the issues with student housing lie and then aim to resolve those. We always try to find ways to ensure that our developments are benchmarks of place making, the cutting-edge of sympathetic development of cities. Throughout each project emphasis is put on on research and relationships, to try to understand what the key drivers are in each location and where we add value. This makes each project bespoke, and completely unique.


In 2018 we published this book, The Shared Space, with the help of photographer Martin Gray. It tells the stories behind nine of our completed projects from across the UK, documenting the experiences of all the key stakeholders from architects and developers, to the universities, students and communities that ultimately see the biggest impact from our work.


You can browse the book online, below, or contact us if you would like a hard copy.  

The Shared Space

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